Friday, February 1, 2013

Introducing: WTeamA Riffs!

Heya, folks! SurferClock here with, finally, the big reveal of the show's content that will start posting beginning tomorrow.

This segment is primarily an experiment, a "one-off" due to TAP-G being out of town for the next week. If it fares well somehow, we may bring it back on an irregular basis.

WTeamA Riffs is the name of the segment. Anyone familiar with Mystery Science Theater 3000 will know what riffing is, but for the uninitiated, riffing is essentially mocking a movie with snide, often humorous remarks and commentary. A few weeks ago, just after Episode 29, I began to try and think of some way to provide content for the time that TAP-G would be felt a little strange to think I'd be doing something theme park related without my co-host by my side. In due time, and with a bit of random inspiration, I decided to get WTeamA together (consisting of TAP-G, Tower Girl, and myself) to try something new. I found a terrible B-movie, we watched it, and provided commentary for it.

Starting tomorrow, a new part of WTeamA Riffs - BIRDEMIC: Shock and Terror will be posted once a day for 7 days (one for each day TAP-G's out of town, coincidentally enough). It came out to around an hour and 45 minutes total, and I didn't want to try to drop that massive file onto YouTube all at once. Each part is no more than 15 minutes long, and it plays the entire movie's audio along with our commentary. Those wanting to watch it with the movie will be a trifle out of luck...while I'm not new to the concept of riffing, this is the first time I've tried putting one together myself, so things may be a bit wonky. Again, it's an experiment.

Rather than make a new post for every part I release, I will post the first link, and edit it to include subsequent links as they come. I hope you folks will enjoy this experiment, and once TAP-G is back in town, we'll resume the standard What's the Attraction? format. Until then, we hope you enjoy our contribution to the world of movie riffs!


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