Monday, February 18, 2013

Episode 33 - Splitsville (Downtown Disney West Side)

Hello there, listeners! SurferClock here along with TAP-G to bring you the latest episode of "What's the Attraction?"

In today's episode, we head over to the free-to-park Downtown Disney, trod over toward the West Side area, and checked out the new Splitsville bowling alley! Sandwiched between DisneyQuest and AMC Theaters Pleasure Island 24, this alley boasts a little more than your average pin-toppling's got nice decor, a 50s and 60s motif, and some premium eats! We did, however, notice a bit of a crippling problem that keeps the place from being Orlando's newest and best hangout for the locals...what might this problem be, you ask? You'll want to listen in on our review to find out!

Episode 33 - Splitsville (Downtown Disney West Side) on YouTube

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