Monday, May 13, 2013

WTA Hiatus

Hello there, intrepid listeners. SurferClock here to bring you, well, some good news and some bad news on our end.

The good news is that my family is doing fine, the emergency has been resolved, and I appreciate all of you who wished us well. The bad news? Well, just keep reading.

Now, it's no secret that TAP-G and I are podcasters, bringing you new episodes of "What's the Attraction?" on a weekly basis. However, that is not all we do (because this podcast doesn't make us money), and due to some rather drastic schedule changes with the jobs that we do helm to bring in the money, it has become necessary to delay the taping and release of new episodic episodes for the podcast until further notice.

We, too, are disappointed to have to take a measure this drastic, especially with the ominousness that we left you guys on at the end of Episode 42. In order to continue providing the very best podcast experience, this hiatus has become necessary, at least until things calm down for the cast

In the meantime, and should this hiatus extend to any length of time, we are looking into producing solo segments with one host (likely myself) to bring bits of information relevant to our purpose to you. The last thing I want is for this podcast to dry up after just one year, and we will do everything we can to get this thing back in motion! You can also be assured that our Facebook page will also stay updated with the latest news.

Thank you all for understanding, and stay tuned for more information!


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