Monday, May 20, 2013

Fed Up #1 - Assistance Pass Abuse

Hello, friends! SurferClock here to finally give you guys some new content! Yes, after a few weeks, I am finally able to debut a new segment that can be produced by one host: Fed Up!

Fed Up is a segment in which one of us talks or rants about something that happens during our park adventures that irks us. Today's Fed Up segment by yours truly talks about the issue of Assistance Pass Abuse, mentioning a New York Post article in brief before delving into the issue itself. I hope you enjoy it.

Fed Up #1 - Assistance Pass Abuse on YouTube

Our relationship with SlingFile is coming to an end. Please let us know if you'd like to acquire MP3 downloads of the podcast, and we'll see what to do about hosting. Otherwise, it'll be all YouTube for the foreseeable future!

If you've enjoyed this episode, please be sure to check out our other episodes if you haven't already. If you find that you really like what we do here, like us on Facebook, subscribe to the YouTube channel, and make sure you tell a friend! Next week, in addition to my birthday (the big 25, hurray lower car insurance), it'll be Memorial Day, so the show will be on break. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, stay safe (and hydrated) at the parks, and know that TAP-G, TowerGirl and I appreciate your continued enthusiasm for this show! We look forward to getting back on track soon!


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