Monday, March 18, 2013

Episode 37 - It's Tough to be a Bug!

Salutations, listeners! SurferClock here along with TAP-G to bring you the latest episode of "What's the Attraction?"

Today, we're heading down into the Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom to bring you the greatest (and simultaneously the -tiniest-) show on Earth, showing all us humans that it really is tough to be a bug! "It's Tough to be a Bug!" was there on opening day, April 22, 1998. It's a 3D movie starring Flik and Hopper from "a bug's life," interestingly not out in theaters at the time of the show's opening (the film would release that November). Despite a cast of characters that nobody really knew about at the time, the show was a hit, continuing to remain a fairly good draw on busier days. Is this show as enlightening as it claims to be, or should we be reaching for the bug spray? Find out with our review and rating!

Episode 37 - It's Tough to be a Bug! on YouTube

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And yes, this -does- relate to next week's episode. How? Well, just wait and see!


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