Monday, March 4, 2013

Episode 35 - The Haunted Mansion (Part Dos)

Hello, intrepid viewers! SurferClock here along with TAP-G (and TowerGirl!) to bring you the latest episode of What's the Attraction?

Last week, we began our tour through Gracey Manor, heading through the classic Haunted Mansion attraction at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom Park. TAP-G got cold feet, as it were, and ran away like a wuss. Would be an awful shame if he were to leave behind his $37 black cowboy hat and it were in my sole possession...

Nah, he actually comes back. Did you -really- think we were going to end the show just because TAP-G shows a little cowardice now and then? No, he rejoins us and we continue and conclude our tour, finally giving our rating and review on this ride. Is it -really- worth all the fandom we've seen throughout the theme park community, or does this one need to "rest in pieces" as well? Find out with Part, Part Dos, of the Haunted Mansion review!

Episode 35 - The Haunted Mansion (Part Dos) on YouTube

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