Tuesday, May 9, 2017

This blog is being retired!

Hello there, everyone. SurferClock here with one final post for this blog.

For the 5 years (holy smokes, it's been 5 years!) that this podcast has been operating, we initially used the blog to spread the word and had posted the MP3s of the podcast on an audio-hosting site that I'm sure has gone belly-up by now. This was a good method for helping to get early word out, and once we moved the operation to YouTube, things REALLY took off from there. We gained followers, which I led back here to the blog to get updates when new episodes would release.

Given the advances in notification technology, not to mention the majority of the fanbase being YouTube subscribers and Facebook fan page followers, I've come to determine that there is less and less traffic being generated by the blog itself. Remembering to update the blog and not have it say exactly what was being said elsewhere became an exercise in frustration. The last straw was when the Blogger app for iPhone officially ceased to function as it should, no longer allowing me to post updates on the go. Even just remembering to do this every time a new episode came along proved to be more effort than maintaining this blog is worth. So, as of today, I am shutting down the blog found here at https://wtapodcast.blogspot.com ...this blog will continue to stay up and archive the posts, but this post will be at the top when accessed, and no more posts will follow this one unless extraordinary circumstances were to occur.

To whomever did use this as a source for the latest and most up to the date news for the "What's the Attraction?" Podcast, I appreciate your patronage to this blog for all this time. You were truly the ones it was intended for, as there were occasionally snippets of content that didn't make it to the other sources. That's what kept it worth doing each time. As time went on, it became a matter of either forgetting something unique or forgetting the entry as a whole. Clearly, that's a disservice to those using this blog, so what I figure is that by this point, if you haven't found a way to keep up with the podcast outside of this blog, then you might need a bit of a helping hand, which we will provide in this post.

Advantages of keeping up with us through a new means include -
~Never miss an episode!
~Interact with other fans of the show (well, if you want to, anyhow)
~Be far more likely to reach us directly!
~Get the latest updates without having to worry you're missing out!

So, now that you're ready to follow us away from here, where can you do it? Find us at one of the following links:

YouTube - Join our legion of YouTube subscribers here! Or just watch the show from here (but we'd love for you to subscribe!)
Facebook - Join the Facebook page here! Get social and engage us directly.

That'll be all for now. Again, if you used this blog as your primary source for news about the podcast, we appreciate your patronage to the blog over the past 5 years. As the show continues to grow and develop, we're happy to have you with us every step of the way. Again, this blog will serve as an archive to share how far we've come, but now, please follow us on one of the links above! We'd love to see you there.


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