Monday, October 12, 2015

Episode 99 - Turtle Trek

Hello, space fans! SurferClock here, along with TAP-G, to bring you the latest episode of "What's the Attraction?"

It's time to head back to an old friend we've neglected…SeaWorld Orlando, we're sorry we don't visit that often. We'll try harder, we promise! In fact, today's review will impress even the turtliest of turtle club members! Yes, Turtle Trek is our next stop, and this 2012 experience takes us through the life, times, and challenges faced by sea turtles from birth to their return to the beach at which they were born! But is it a true life adventure, or should it have lept over the cliff with all those lemmings? Find out by clicking the link below!

Episode 99 - Turtle Trek on YouTube 

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