Monday, November 17, 2014

Episode 80 - The Great Movie Ride (Part 2)

Hello there, folks! SurferClock here, along with TAP-G and TowerGirl, to bring you the latest episode of "What's the Attraction?"

Our review of the Great Movie Ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios continues in Part 2, what we're lovingly calling The Sequel. The gang finally meet the man who invited them, Caractacus Foster Hinkel III, and begin their tour through the Great Movie Ride. What surprises await us as we make our way through this loving tribute to the Golden Age of Hollywood? Find out by giving us a listen! Make sure you catch Part 1 if you haven't already!

Episode 80 - The Great Movie Ride (Part 2) on YouTube

Join us in a couple weeks for the exciting conclusion!


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