Monday, June 16, 2014

Episode 73 - Primeval Whirl

Hey there, folks! SurferClock here, along with TAP-G, to bring you the latest episode of "What's the Attraction?"

We're returning to Disney's Animal Kingdom with all its grandeur and beauty to look at...well, certainly not one of the best attractions, but one we needed to get done. Primeval Whirl came along in 2002 as part of Chester and Hester's Dino-Rama! to draw in more kids. Described as a wild-mouse style coaster, it takes riders on a 2.5 minute trip to the end of time, though not nearly as epic as DINOSAUR. So, what'd the guys think of it? Find out as WTA takes it way, way back to the end of an era today!

Episode 73 - Primeval Whirl on YouTube

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