Monday, July 22, 2013

Episode 50 - The Enchanted Tiki Room

Greetings, folks, and chunky tuna tostada! (Don't ask, TAP-G wanted this here) SurferClock here along with TAP-G to bring you the latest episode of "What's the Attraction?"

Well, we've reached another milestone in WTA history...50 episodes! To celebrate, we found out that a great attraction is celebrating 50 years, so...close enough! The Enchanted Tiki Room (also called Tropical Serenade and Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room) opened in Disneyland out west in 1963. While we might be cheating on this one a bit, we also found something interesting in our discussions about this of us loves the classic version that's returned to Walt Disney World, while the other actually misses "Enchanted Tiki Room - Under New Management!" Yes, that version from 1998 that stuck with Walt Disney World until while we, uh, hash out our differences, you guys get something of a double review, where we rate both Under New Management and the current incarnation!

Episode 50 - The Enchanted Tiki Room on YouTube

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