Monday, June 24, 2013

Episode 46 - Breakout Stars (What's the Abduction?! Part 4)

Welcome, folks! SurferClock here, along with TAP-G and TowerGirl, to bring you the latest episode of "What's the Attraction?"

"What's the Abduction?!" is trucking back along with Part 4...Breakout Stars! We re-join Reese, Veronica Kirk, and Asil as they face the peril of a navigator (RX-24) who's gone rogue! Will Reese be able to offer any help? And what are SurferClock and TAP-G up to, now in the clutches of Cassowary Gary and Wolfgang Amadeus? Find out as we keep on keepin' on with "What's the Abduction?!"

And if any or all of this seems to be confusing, that means you missed a part or 2 and should probably go back. We'll be waiting here.


All caught up? Okay! Now you get it. Keep watchin'. Next part's down below.

Episode 46 - Breakout Stars (What's the Abduction?! Part 4) on YouTube

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