Monday, December 24, 2012

Episode 27.5 - A Very Special and Important Holiday Message

Season's Greetings, folks! SurferClock here along with TAP-G to bring you the latest episode of What's the Attraction? ...well, sort of.

Even though today's upload is not a full episode with a review and humor and our typical WTA flair, it's still going to be bringing an important note to parkgoers...we're aiming today at those parkgoers (and there are MANY of you) who are planning to make an excursion out to at least one or more of the Big Three in our area (Disney, SeaWorld, and Universal), or if you're planning to be around, well, pretty much any theme park, even semi-major ones like Warner Bros. Movie World in Australia or any of the myriad of other Big-Three-esque parks around the world.

But we're not only reaching out to parkgoers... there's a little something for all of our friends and family who will be tackling the post-holiday rush, those intrepid folks in EVERY department of the theme park industry, so we have the sincere hope that many, many folks will get the chance to hear this before they embark on their post-holiday adventures.

Episode 27.5 - A Very Special and Important Holiday Message on YouTube

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Episode 27.5 - A Very Special and Important Holiday Message MP3 Download via SlingFile

Before we shut the studio down for our winter break, WTeamA would like to offer our sincerest thanks to each and every one of you who listens with dedication each week or, if you're just joining us, hopefully catching up on pretty much all the other WTA episodes. Through the good times and the bad, though the short episodes and the ungodly long ones, it's ultimately both our passion for the parks and your interest in our work that keeps us going. As always, if you like what we do and you want to help us get bigger and better, tell a friend and send us any suggestions you might have. If you're a fan on Facebook or YouTube, comment us there. We're constantly checking our inboxes and are thrilled to get any feedback you may have for us. And if you have suggestions for future episodes or anything you'd like to hear us talk about, you can also send an e-mail our way to the following address: askwtapodcast[at]

To give you an idea of what's coming up for 2013, I'll just leave a short list of the stuff we're developing:
  • Reviews for most than just attractions...we're talking shops, restaurants, and shows, too!
  • SEAWORLD FLORIDA! Yes, it's sort of become the elephant in the room, the one park in the Big Three we haven't delved into just yet. We will start reviewing SeaWorld attractions, shows, and exhibits in 2013, including (hopefully) the Antarctica expansion. No word on Aquatica or Discovery Cove yet.
  • Also in the realm of possibility: Legoland Florida and the Holy Land Experience. No guarantees on those yet, however.
  • Reaching outside the theme park realm to cover the Orlando/Kissimmee area, being that this is where a good chunk of Florida tourists stay. No specifics on this yet, but this is one TAP-G and I have been discussing fervently.
I hope you folks are looking forward to WTA's future as much as we are. We want to continue to bring you not just a quality podcast, but a quality brand of exciting, informative, and enchanting journey we can all take together each week.

There will be no new episode next week, and we will return on January 7th, 2013 with an all-new episode! From all of us here at WTeamA to all of you, Happy Holidays, and may your post-holiday journeys and celebrations leading into 2013 be joyous and safe!


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