Monday, October 22, 2012

Episode 19 - The Simpsons Ride

Hello again, folks. SurferClock here along with TAP-G to bring you the latest episode of "What's the Attraction?"

This time, we take a trip to a famous animated town! No, not Danville or Quahog or even Duckburg. Nope, we're headed to Springfield to take on Universal Orlando's 2008 addition to its park that replaced the much-beloved Back to the Future: The Ride, The Simpsons Ride!

This opening paragraph brought to you by Buzz Cola. Buzz Cola, twice the sugar, twice the caffeine. It's the taste you'd give up Express Pass for!

Yes folks, due to TAP-G's vigorous pursuit of the almighty podcast profit dollar, we've entered into a rather lucrative contract with one of Springfield's richest residents. And no, it's not Mr. Burns. Who's putting ads into our show and even the blog? Find out when you listen to this latest episode!

Episode 19 - The Simpsons Ride on YouTube

READ THIS BEFORE DOWNLOADING! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!: MAKE SURE YOU SCROLL DOWN! Do not click the graphics that you see at the top (it spawns a pop-up of sorts, or worse yet, an infected mplayer.exe virus! DO NOT CLICK OTHER GRAPHICS! FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS HERE!) After you SCROLL DOWN, you should see a rainbow-colored bar below the correct download button. The button itself says "SLOW Download" not "Regular Download" or other variations. Make sure you click that button, then wait the required seconds. That graphic will pop up again, but this time you need to SCROLL DOWN and click the "Click here to download" button, the small button near the bottom with the check next to it.

Episode 19 - The Simpsons Ride MP3 Download via SlingFile

This interspersal of podcast download links brought to you by Squishee, the signature drink of the Kwik-E-Mart. Try the brand new 21 Syrup Salute today! Please drink responsibly. 

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