Monday, August 20, 2012

Episode 11 - Flights of Wonder (with title card!)

Hello again, folks! SurferClock here along with TAP-G to bring you the latest episode of "What's the Attraction?" along with one other exciting development.

First, to the episode. This latest episode, Flights of Wonder, has us making our first foray into Disney's Animal Kingdom! This amazing bird show displays some of the most entertaining natural behaviors ever seen as well as a strong conservation message. If you're wondering why you've never seen the show, just take a look to your left if you're arriving from can't miss it! ...well, problem is you -can-, and folks sadly often do. Hear our reviews, insight, and more!

Episode 11 - Flights of Wonder on YouTube

One other thing you might notice that's new about our YouTube videos is actually the latest development! Kyle Blanchette has been nice enough to provide us with title cards for each episode, even the earlier ones, leading up to today's episode...and beyond, we hope! So, we're extending a special thank you to Mr. Blanchette and we're hoping he can become a permanent part of the team. We've posted his excellent work onto the Facebook page, and will do so with each one he provides.

And now, here's the MP3 download of Flights of Wonder.

READ THIS BEFORE DOWNLOADING! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!: MAKE SURE YOU SCROLL DOWN! Do not click the graphics that you see at the top (it spawns a pop-up of sorts, or worse yet, an infected mplayer.exe virus! DO NOT CLICK OTHER GRAPHICS! FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS HERE!)After you SCROLL DOWN, you should see a rainbow-colored bar below the correct download button. The button itself says "SLOW Download" not "Regular Download" or other variations. Make sure you click that button, then wait the required seconds. That graphic will pop up again, but this time you need to SCROLL DOWN and click the "Click here to download" button, the small button near the bottom with the check next to it.

Episode 11 - Flights of Wonder MP3 Download (via Slingfile)

We hope you enjoy this latest episode! If you've got any feedback for either the title cards or the episodes, we welcome your feedback on YouTube and Facebook as well as our inbox! Comment, rate, enjoy, and we'll be back with another new episode next week! I've been told it's to die for...but we'll see what you think.


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