Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Episode 8 - The Cat in the Hat

Greetings and salutations
Friends of the show
It's TAP-G and SurferClock
Oh! The places we'll go

We apologize for the absence
It's really not our fault
We're little more than victims
Of a reality assault.

Now we go,
without further delay
To release a new episode
At this moment, today!

Here are those links
to the episode proper
we speak of a cat
in his smokestack topper!

Episode 8 - The Cat in the Hat (on Youtube)

Recording this took us
but most of the morning.
Here's the MP3 download
with our usual warnings

READ THIS BEFORE DOWNLOADING! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!: MAKE SURE YOU SCROLL DOWN! Do not click the graphics that you see at the top (it spawns a pop-up of sorts, or worse yet, an infected mplayer.exe virus! DO NOT CLICK OTHER GRAPHICS! FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS HERE!)After you SCROLL DOWN, you should see a rainbow-colored bar below the correct download button. The button itself says "SLOW Download" not "Regular Download" or other variations. Make sure you click that button, then wait the required seconds. That graphic will pop up again, but this time you need to SCROLL DOWN and click the "Click here to download" button, the small button near the bottom with the check next to it.

Episode 8 - The Cat in the Hat (MP3 Download)

We hope you enjoy
this latest concoction
we hope that you listen
using either option!

To end this blog post
it is nearly time
I promise the next one
won't entirely rhyme.


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