Friday, June 15, 2012

A place for the fans

Hello, listeners. SurferClock here, with a little news concerning the podcast. Sometimes it's difficult to tell who's out there listening, and who our fans are. Keep in mind that we do appreciate each and every download, listen, listener, and those of you who decided that TAP-G and I are at least slightly better than average, or at least good enough to get in on more than one episode.

In our short lifespan thusfar, we know we're attracting at least a little bit of interest from those of you who have taken the time to follow the instructions and not get virus'd by the ever-lovely SlingFile hosting service (one day, folks, I will get us a dedicated host!). However, statistics only tell part of the story, so if you'd like to help us put a face to our listening audience, and you happen to be using the largest book of faces in the known universe, please do us a huge favor and like "What's the Attraction?" on Facebook!

What's the Attraction? Fan Page

It's a modest page for the moment, but you may soon get access to exclusive content not seen here on the blog as well as any other extras, and hints as to what we plan to talk about in upcoming podcasts. For all that and, hopefully soon, much more, please follow the fan page. You can also leave us comments and feedback, and be assured that we will read each and every bit of feedback.

We hope you'll join us on this latest venture!


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